10 Cool Gadgets Every Modern Girl must have [INFOGRAPHIC]

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The gadget market is thankfully more open to women and girls these days, which resulted in some pretty cool, feminine top-notch accessories that every young lady who wants to keep the pace with tech trends should have. There are literally dozens of them right now, but we decided to pick only ten this time – the ones we believe are simply a must in every girl’s personal gadget collection!

famous people Snapchat

#1 Portable USB Charger

If you’re a girl that is often on the go then you should definitely consider purchasing a portable USB charger that will help you stay connected to your friends online, especially when your battery drains unexpectedly. Owning one of these will also allow you to keep up with your favorite famous people Snapchat accounts anytime, anywhere – all thanks to this nifty gadget that is is simply a must nowadays!

#2 Phone Holders

Now, this is a great choice for all those of you gals who seriously lack the organizational skills and therefore often forget where your phone is. The great news is that phone holders come in a variety of shapes and colors which make them perfectly suitable even for the pickiest amongst the girls.

#3 Portable Speakers

Remeber the times when everything needed a cable in order to work? Well, not anymore! The market is literally swarmed with a variety of portable speakers, especially the ones that work via Bluetooth, so you can always bring your favorite music with you, regardless of whether you’re hitting the beach for a casual fun or staying over the weekend at your friend’s cabin.

#4 Flash Drive

Having a girly flash drive in your arsenal is simply obligatory nowadays due to various reasons. Firstly, it can come in really handy if you need to quickly share your data (photos, videos, homework) with your family friends and secondly – these can look really good, which makes them a cool fashion statement at the same time. This means that you shouldn’t hesitate to get one asap!

#5 Flashy Headphones and Headphone Branches

Okay, we’re pretty sure you’ve got yourself a headphone set already but is it pink, neon blue or silver perhaps? Yeah, we thought so! Make sure to hit Amazon and get yourself a pair of nice, colorful headphones and a handy accessory such as headphone branch that will allow you to enjoy your favorite tunes with your besties in every moment!

#6 Cute Nail Gadgets

If you’re you one of those girls that likes to do her own nails then having a set of nail clips and a cute nail dryer is simply a must. The first will allow you to get rid of the old nail gel in a matter of minutes while the nail dryer can help you dry your nails really quickly plus it comes in interesting shapes that are cute too!

#7 Keyboard Covers

Being messy is not cool. Yes, we are familiar with the people saying they function best in their creative mess but having a cool keyboard cover for your laptop to protect it from dust and other similar stuff is also a great option.

#8 Phone Cases

These come in the variety of colors and shapes and some of them are simply adorable. Pick the one that suits you best and you’ll also have your phone protected from various mechanical influences.

#9 Themed Selfie Sticks

Okay, selfie sticks are definitely here to stay but how about a themed selfie stick that matches your personality? We say yes!

#10 Snap Spectacles

If you haven’t heard of these yet then you must have been living under the rock. Snap spectacles allow you to create amazing, 1st person snaps and then share them on your favorite app later. Also, they look pretty damn cool which makes them highly desirable for your gadget collect. We bet there are many famous people on Snapchat who also own a pair also!

Do you own any of these? Tell us all about your favorite gadget in the comment section below!

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