These 4 Behaviors Can Ruin Your Relationship

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If you thought that by the time you are over 50 dating would change, guess again. Okay, to be honest, some things are easier, like finding a date since you have all those online dating sites. However, when it comes to relationships, some things will never change. There are still four toxic behaviors which can easily destroy your relationship.


How would you feel if your partner constantly criticized you? Probably not very good. Therefore, don’t do it to them since they won’t be too keen to stick around. Criticizing is just another way to put them down, and even if you do it out of best intention, your partner won’t feel very loved or respected. Therefore, try to avoid using phrases like ‘you always’ and ‘you never’ since they can make your significant other well – less significant.


You are in your 50s, so you definitely shouldn’t become all defensive every time you talk to your partner. It is something immature people do, and if you are acting like a teenager in your senior years, you surely won’t be able to maintain a healthy relationship. Therefore, keep in mind that cross-complaining and whining won’t get you anywhere except back on the mature singles market. When your partner is voicing their concern or opinion, focus on the problem at hand. Only by discussing your conflicts like two mature adults will you be able to resolve your problems.


If you want to be in a healthy relationship, you need to trust and respect your partner and vice versa. If you are constantly insulting or mocking them and using hostile humor, keep in mind that they won’t stay with you for too long. This kind of behavior is demining and shows disregard for your partner.


If you change the subject every time you sense that there is an argument coming your way,  your relationship is headed the wrong way. Every couple fights but that is not a problem if they know how to resolve their conflicts in a healthy way. Stonewalling, on the other hand, can make everything way worse. Therefore, ditch your smug attitude and be completely honest and open when communicating with your partner.

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