4 Ways You Can Seem Shorter Than You Really Are

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Is your height preventing you from looking like your fabulous femme self? Well, it shouldn’t! Keep in mind that there are so many tall, gorgeous women out there, so embrace your height! On the other hand, if you are getting ready for your transgender date and you want to look shorter, there are a few tricks that might help you.

Don’t slouch

You want to look feminine and confident? Then don’t slouch! It will not only draw attention to your height, but it will also make you look unattractive. Therefore, resist the urge to hang your shoulders forward and bend your head. You are a gorgeous woman so stand tall and show your date how amazing you are.

Right shoes can do wonders

We probably don’t need to tell you that you should avoid high heels if you want to look shorter. However, that doesn’t mean that you should spend the rest of your life wearing nothing but flats. Instead, buy shoes with a chic kitten heel which won’t make you taller but will add elegance to your overall look. The next time you go shopping get shoes with rounded toes, and not the pointy ones, so your feet won’t look bigger than they are.

Learn how to dress

Did you know that a wrong dress can make you seem even taller? Instead of wearing tight clothes, choose full skirts and dresses to draw the eye horizontally instead of vertically. Avoid wearing monochromatic outfits which will make you look like a giant. Instead, choose your top and bottom in different colors. This way, you will visually break up your figure. Keep in mind that belts are your best friends, so do not forget to accessorize!

Choose the right hairstyle

Even your hair can make you seem taller! Therefore, visit your hairstylist regularly since long hair can add inches to your height. You should also avoid hairdos with a lot of volume at the crown for an obvious reason. Basically, a shoulder-length hair and a wavy, layered hairstyle should make you seem shorter, yet classy and stylish at the same time.

No matter what you decide, you should always keep in mind that short doesn’t always mean sexy. Just look at Brooke Shields, Elle MacPherson, Geena Davis, Venus Williams or Uma Thurman and you will see that some of the hottest ladies in the world are over 6 feet tall.

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