4 Ways To Impress A Biker Girl

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There’s no doubt that biker chicks are the hottest women on the planet. That’s a fact! So naturally, a lot of guys out there are trying to impress them and most of them fail because they have lame and ineffective approaches. A hot female biker won’t fall for a guy who uses lame and cheesy pick-up lines. Therefore, if you want to meet local bikers and impress a beautiful lady rider, here are the 4 ways you can achieve exactly that!

Praise Her Bike But Don’t Forget To Compliment Her As Well

A lot of guys don’t know how to impress a biker gal. They’re only focusing on material things, but that doesn’t work most of the time. Admiring her motorcycle is fine, but that shouldn’t be your only move. Feel free to compliment her as well. Actually, you should focus your attention on her. She will appreciate that for sure.

Be Humble, Don’t Brag About Your Machine

Biker girls are used to guys who are constantly talking about their two-wheelers. If you really want to be different and make a good first impression, simply be humble and don’t brag about your machine all the time. Steer the conversation elsewhere, talk about yourself, your passions, and aspirations. Trust us, these gals will enjoy this positive change.

Make Sure To Be Patient And Smooth

Most bikers who are trying to hook up with these girls are too aggressive and impatient. They want to skip everything and go right to the bedroom. That’s not how it goes, though! These women are proud and they respect themselves too much to fall for these guys. So, in order to impress them, you need to be patient and smooth. Make your intentions clear, but give them time to make a decision on their own.

Treat Her Like A Lady

Sadly, biker chicks are rarely treated with the respect they deserve. Guys out there think that they’re easy and they just want to use them, but the truth is that every female rider is a gentlewoman! Therefore, if you don’t want to offend them, you need to treat your date like a proper lady. This way you’ll earn her respect and some rather valuable points.

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