5 Signs That He Just Wants To Hook Up With You

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Meeting biker singles can be exciting and fun, but you always have to know what you are looking for before you start going out with these guys. If you are searching for a serious relationship, then you should only date those men who really like you. But how do you know if a guy is just trying to get into your pants and nothing else? Actually, there are some signs which can help you with that.

You are more touchy-feely than him

If you want to hold his hand and he pulls away, if you gave him a nickname and he makes a pause every time he has to pronounce your name, he is not looking for anything serious. To him, you are just hit and run victim, and he will stick around until he finds somebody else.

His texts are short and to the point

He doesn’t want to hear how your day was or whether you had a nice time. Instead, he texts you only to see if you will show up at his place or not.

He is all over you upon your first encounter

No, he doesn’t like you so much that he can’t wait to be with you, he is only trying to get in your pants. If you haven’t had a decent conversation, but he cannot keep his hand off you, odds are he will never really want to get to know you.
Guys who really like their dates are patient and know that being too pushy will scare their lady off. On the other hand, this guy really doesn’t care what you will think, because he probably has another date tomorrow night.

He openly talks to other girls

And no, they are not just his sisters or friends. If he readily admits that he is flirting with other girls, you should probably get the clue.

He never actually spent the night with you

He comes, you talk for about 10 minutes, move the conversation into the bedroom and afterward he leaves. If he never wanted to sleep over or never asked you to spend the night at his place, pack your bags and move on because to him, you are just one in a row.

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