5 Signs that Unequivocally tell that you’re a True Biker

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There are many people calling themselves bikers these days but the truth is it takes more than that to be one. What makes a biker lifestyle so distinctive is that it requires a lot of free time since it basically opposes the entire idea of the 9-5 workday and everything else that is here with the purpose to restrain us. Moreover, one of the main postulates of being a biker says that freedom comes before anything else. And once you meet local bikers, you will notice that many of them are actually condemned to a hectic lifestyle that is often followed by unavoidable routine while they are secretly hoping for an authentic biker lifestyle. And if you’re not quite sure whether you are a true biker or not, there are some signs that can reveal it to you.

#1 You never ask someone to ride their bike

You utterly believe it’s impolite. Sure, you can admire your bro’s motorcycle since he really made a fantastic effort to obtain all those fancy upgrades but that’s pretty much it. And why in the world would you do something like that when you have your own motorcycle? They say sharing is caring, but it’s not applicable in this case.

#2 Living between Roadtrips is your Jam

Do you often catch yourself in the middle of daydreaming about the next road trip, either alone or with your biker match while leaving everything else aside? Well, this is one of the most common signs that you’re a genuine biker!

#3 Your conversations usually contain words such as horsepower and accelerator pump

Moreover, these make perfect sense to you and your interlocutors alike and you actually feel like you’re in your prime only when you get the chance to talk about bike-related topics. And if it matters more to you than discussing last night’s Super Bowl finals then we guess it’s pretty obvious what that means!

#4 In your opinion, open roads and riding a bike are synonyms for freedom

And you believe in it with all your heart. Many biker men and women are actually experiencing the identically satisfying feelings only when they hit the road and it’s nothing to be ashamed of. Actually, it’s pretty awesome when the ride is the purpose per se instead of getting from point A to point B. That’s just boring.

#5 You treat your bike like an actual person and you can actually tell when you love someone if you care about them the same as you care for your bike

And while it might sound creepy to some, true bikers and other people appreciating their hobbies can perfectly understand what want to say here. Only a biker can perceive the love and efforts that go hand in hand with this particular lifestyle and from there we can conclude that admitting you love someone as deeply as you care about your machine can be one of the most romantic love statements ever!

Do you consider yourself a true biker? In which sign have you recognized yourself the most? Tell us all about it in the comment section below!

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