5 Things You Should Never Do If You Are In A Relationship With A Biker [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Dating a ruggedly handsome rider is something most girls dream about nowadays. This type of relationship can be a fun and exhilarating experience, no doubt about that. So, if you’re one of those girls and if you want to meet local bikers and date them, you need to be prepared for that unique adventure. Therefore, here are the 5 things you should definitely avoid while dating a biker.

meet local bikers

Make Him Jealous

A lot of women use this strategy to keep a man interested in them, but you have to know that bikers are not like other men. These fellas are very proud and this particular plan is not a good idea when dating a rider. These guys don’t respond to treats, so if you try to make him jealous, he will simply walk away from you. He won’t even say goodbye. So, you should definitely think of a better and more honorable way to intrigue him.

Sit On Another Man’s Bike

It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to make him jealous or if you just needed a ride, you must never sit on another man’s bike while you’re dating a biker. This may seem silly, but riders take this rule rather seriously. It’s not technically cheating, but these dudes think of it as some sort of betrayal. Therefore, whatever you do, don’t accept a ride home from another biker. You should only ride your man’s steel horse. Pun intended!

Make Fun Of His Passions And Interests

As you probably figured out by now, riders are pretty intense when it comes to their two-wheelers. They are simply in love with their bikes and the only thing you can do about it is endorse this peculiar love connection. So, if your boyfriend also has strong feelings towards his motorcycle, you should try to understand it. The worst thing you could possibly do is make fun of him and mock his passion. Trust us, he will be personally offended if you say something bad about his bike. This type of behavior is something that could potentially end your relationship, so whatever you do, don’t belittle his love towards motorcycles.

Disrespect His Friends And Club Members

Bikers and members of motorcycle clubs think of themselves as a big and functional family. They love each other and they truly care for one another. These groups are often rather closed, so if your partner introduces you to his closest friends and club members, you have to show some respect. Otherwise, he will remove you from his life in an instant. Most girls resent their biker boyfriends for spending too much time with their buddies, instead of watching romantic comedies with them. To be entirely honest, that’s not fair. If you choose to date a badass biker, you should definitely respect his lifestyle and his social life. Of course, he should make time for you as well, but you must never compare the relationship he has with his friends with the love affair you two are having. It’s simply not the same. Make sure to give him some space and find a way to accept and appreciate his closest friends.

Make A Jealous Scene

There are certain things you should never say or do to your biker boyfriend and making a jealous scene is right at the top of that list. As we already mentioned, these fellas have too much pride and self-respect to allow someone to bring unnecessary drama into their lives. So naturally, a jealous outburst will do you nothing but harm. Your biker boyfriend will respond negatively to this desperate cry for attention. You will only drive him away with this childish behavior, so make sure to avoid it at all costs. These guys are attractive and ladies will hit on them most of the time. This is something you have to learn to live with if you want to be in a successful and fulfilling relationship with a motorcyclist in this day and age. If you want to impress him on a daily basis, you must do your best to remain cool and composed in these tricky situations.

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