5 Tips For Choosing The Perfect Swimsuit This Summer

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Summer is just around the corner, so are you ready for the swimsuit season? You will surely need one, if not for swimming then at least for lounging by the pool with a nice, cool cocktail in your hand. Chances are, if you have just started transgender dating, that your potential match will take you to the beach, so you should be prepared for that scenario. Therefore, we have made a list of tips for looking hot and fabulous this summer, so you better make sure you read it.

Maximize your feminine curves

Even if you don’t have that sexy hourglass figure, you can create the illusion of one with a couple of tricks. Ruffles are your good friend since they add volume where you might lack curves. Also, you should wear a padded bikini top, but at least that is not a problem since most of them already have a built-in padding. If you want to add inches to your hips and make them seem curvier, choose a skirted bikini bottom.

Delicate shoulders

The secret to a great look is balanced proportions, so you will need to downplay your shoulders. Therefore, avoid string bikinis and bandeau tops and instead choose a top with wide straps.

Slim waist

Even if you don’t have that Shakira’s waist, you can still look fabulous and curvy. Check out all those shaping swimsuits which are made for slenderizing your torso. If you don’t like to be squished, look for bathing suits that have side panels in a contrasting color. That way you will draw attention to the middle of your body, not to the sides. You will achieve the same effect with a monokini.

Wear the proper size

If you want to create a smooth silhouette, don’t buy swimsuits which are too small for you. That way, you will only achieve the sausage effect because it will dig in and create unattractive belly rolls.

Strike a pose

If you want to look sexy while lounging by the pool on your date, you will need to learn how to pose. Keep your stomach in, your shoulders back and casually place one leg over the other. If you are planning to go for a swim, don’t forget to apply waterproof mascara unless you want to look like Alice Cooper.

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