6 First Date Tips From Dating Pros

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A first date can really make or break a relationship. If it was awful, would you want to repeat that experience? Of course not! Well, your potential match feels the same. Therefore, if you are tired of visiting dating sites for bikers and you want your next first date to be the last one you will ever go on, you need to leave a great first impression. It may seem harder than it really is, but with these tips, you will easily dazzle your date.

Be positive

If you want to leave a good first impression, you need to be confident and optimistic. Instead of talking about your family or work problems, focus on the more positive aspects of your life. Talk about your interests and dreams and ask them about theirs. You surely won’t make a mistake if you show interest in their lifestyle.

Don’t freak out

If you are too nervous, you won’t be able to say what you want, and you will most likely say something dumb. Instead of worrying about what you should do or what they think about you, try to relax and not get all in your own head like that. If you are calm and able to think clearly, you will leave a good first impression more easily.

Respect your date

Although bikers are friendly guys who are always up for a good time, they also want to be treated with respect. If you are just going to make fun of their lifestyle and be judgmental, what is the point of going on a date?

Give genuine compliments

Don’t be one of those people who think that giving compliments is cheesy. Actually, it is an easy way to remove a barrier and allow your date to open up.

Be in the moment

Leave your phone alone and be in the moment. A lot of people use their phone on dates which is rather rude and disrespectful. Therefore, put it in your coat and leave the coat in the cloakroom.

Don’t be a flirt

It is okay if you want to flirt with your potential match but flirting with your waiter or another member of the staff is absolutely the worst thing you can do on a first date. Instead, act like they are the only person in the room.

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