6 Things You Must Do If You Are Gay

Things You Must Do If You Are Gay

Being gay is a way of life. This means that you have to live by a certain code. Of course, love comes first, but, let’s face it. Gay people have that certain something special in them that makes them unique, and stand out in from the crowd. They always follow the latest trends. They have great taste in fashion, music, style etc.
So if you are looking to come out of the closet with a bang, and leave this World in awe, you can’t just visit your favorite gay snapchat topix and be done with it.

You gotta dig deep and cover all the angles to become the next Ricky Martin. These are the guidelines you need to follow.

1. Social Media Star

Every self-respected homosexual has to have as many social media profiles as possible. Everyone is online nowadays and this means that you can just simply google some gay snapchat usernames, and leisurely enjoy some gay snap sex moments.

2. Gym Time

You have to stay in shape. a flat six-pack and some muscles are a total must-have. No one, straight nor gay, is attracted to a beer belly. But be careful, don’t overdo it. Make a fine balance between being next mister Olympia and a skinny teenager. Yoga also helps in this matter. It will help develop some elasticity, and everyone loves a person who can do Kamasutra moves with ease.

3. A Perfect Tan

A tanning studio is one of your best friends. You will spend a lot of time there unless you live at the seaside. The perfect tan consists out of few things. Your skin has to have the perfect balance of moisture and tension, so don’t go overboard with the botox shots. If you take care of your skin, it will let you stay “young” for a long time.

4. Fashion

You have got to follow latest trends in fashion industry. It’s a must-do step. Couture wardrobe and accessories are important since you will constantly mingle in the fashion world. Everyone loves a well-dressed man. It shows that you care about what is modern and trendy.

5. Music

There is a list of performers that should be on your iPod: Elton John, Ricky Martin, George Michael, Depeche Mode, Mariah Carey, Judas Priest, Queen etc. Music defines your lifestyle, so choose wisely. Of course, with music comes the dancing. You have to know the dance moves because only straight men can’t dance. It’s all in the hips.

6. Activism

It’s very important to be active in the fields of human rights, philanthropy, animal rights and environment preservation. You are the ones who live on the dark side of the moon unaccepted by the general population, so you understand the pain and struggle of the endangered and the outcasted. It is your duty to help out and bring equality to the World.

Come out of the closet and bring joy to the world. We have to believe that love is all around us.

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