How to Become Instagram famous by following these 5 killer tips [INFOGRAPHIC]

Instagram famous

Life of an Instagram celebrity seems glamorous. All those perfect pictures of their delicious meals, fabulous vacations, fun Friday nights, trendy outfits and fun friends makes us envy them. When it comes to Instagram profiles you have to remember, very little of it is real. So actually, anyone can have those perfect posts, you just have to learn how.

Being an Instagram celebrity has its perks. You get money, free clothes, make up, and even trips. But you have to boost your number of followers. Your life can also seem effortlessly glam, chic, wonderful and ideal, and we will show you how. Here are our top five tips on how to become Instagram famous.

Polish up your Instagram profile

As you have surely noticed all of the Instagram famous people have great looking profiles with hundreds of pictures. Nobody’s gonna follow an empty profile. But be sure to stack it up with high quality images. It’s better to post nothing than to post a really bad pic.

Always look your best

Do you really think that all those Instagram celebrities have rolled out of bed looking like that? Of course not! It takes a ton of selfies to get the right one, and a lot of time to adjust the light, the makeup and find the perfect pose. So be patient.

The secret is in editing

No, the Instagram is not the only app celebrities on Instagram use. There are various editors which can help you create a winning picture. When their photo finally arrives on Instagram, it has already been edited several times. There are apps which can erase your pores, change the color of your eyes and hair, apply makeup, and make you look thinner. It’s no wonder we have trust issues.

Spontaneous photos? Yeah, right

Instagram celebrities love their candid photos, and we are jealous because they always look so cute and like they’re having a lot of fun. Let’s be real, they are posing, and so can you. Ask your friend to take pictures of you while you are dancing, walking on a beach, cooking and so on. Get all dressed up, do your make up, and start posing. But remember, don’t look at the camera! You don’t know that you are being photographed, remember?

Now go and get your followers.

Follow your friends from other social networks. They already know you, so they will probably follow you on Instagram, too. To make sure you’re photos are seen by a large number of people use hashtags, but use them wisely. If you want to be followed by many, you should start following them first. Find people who have the same interests as you, and follow them. They will get the notification and probably check out your profile. But don’t be a ghost follower. Comment on their photos so they know you are a real person. Also, start posting regularly, every day. If you don’t people will soon forget about you. Good luck!

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