Celebrity Snapchat Names Which Will Blow You Mind

celebrity Snapchat names

Almost anyone who owns a computer (or just a smart phone) and has a decent Internet connection has a profile on some of the social networks. We love to use these platforms to stay in touch with our friends, brag about our life achievements and check out on our favorite stars.

Almost every celebrity on this planet has an account on one of the social networks. Lately, Snapchat is the hottest network where all famous stars are sharing their goofy pictures. However, finding celebrity Snapchat names is not always easy. Snapchat made it very tricky for us to find them because we cannot search them by using their real name. You can look for the on various sites for their nicknames, or just read the list bellow and see if there are any of your idols on it.

Rita Ora (officialritaora)

Rita Ora, a British singer and actress, rose to fame in 2012 when she featured on DJ Fresh’s single Hot Right Now, which was number one on the charts in the UK. She collaborated with Iggy Azalea on Black Widow which became a huge hit and reached number 3 on the US charts.  She is very active on Snapchat and posts pictures of her friends as well as hilarious selfies. She also shares glam fashion pics and showbiz videos.

Rebel Wilson (rebelwilsonsnap)

Hers is one of the celeb Snapchat names you must check out. Rebel Wilson, and Australian actress, is best known for her playing Kristen Wiig’s roommate in Bridesmaids and Fat Amy in the Pitch Perfect films. Her sense of humor is something you just cannot miss. If you loved the Pitch Perfect movies hang on, because the third sequel is coming and Rebel is snapping behind-the-scenes moments on her profile.

Jessica Alba (jessicamalba)

After her role on TV’s Dark Angel, everyone knew her name. Since then she played in many movies including the Fantastic Four films. If you want to know about her upcoming projects just follow her on Snapchat, as Jessica posts behind-the-scenes videos. She also shares fun make up tutorials, so be sure you don’t miss out on that.  This is one of the Snapchat celebrity names you must add to your follow list.

Reese Witherspoon (snapsbyreese)

This blonde became famous with her role in Legally Blonde as some other comedies, but decided to show the world that she can play serious roles, too. She became an Academy Award-winning actress for her role in Walk the Line, and she once again proved her talent in Wild. If you are a fan of Reese, follow her on Snapchat. She posts behind-the-scenes videos from award season, photos of her family and funny snaps.

Diddy (puffdaddy)

Sean Combs also known as Puff Diddy has produced big names like Mariah Carey. He also created the Sean John clothing line and recorded his own platinum albums. Diddy love to party and if you want to take a glimpse into his glamorous life, just follow him on Snapchat.

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