Famous Actresses With Most Instagram Followers

Famous Actresses

We use Instagram every day to share our selfies, memories, goofy situations and wise quotes with our friends. However, many of us use this social network to check up on their favorite stars. A lot of celebrities have their account on Instagram where you can see details from their personal lives. It’s no wonder they have so many followers.

Almost everyone in this world loves to watch movies. So it is completely expected that actors have most Instagram followers. Scrolling through their profile can be even better than reading tabloids. If you don’t know who to follow next, here is a list of actresses who are very popular on Instagram.

Jessica Biel @jessicabiel

She is a regular girl who loves posting pictures of her everyday life. Except she is married to Justin Timberlake, this hot diva is rich and famous too. Her fans can see details from her life on her account, from what she is doing, where she went, to what she is reading, eating or drinking.

Amanda Seyfried @mingey

If you love animals, you will enjoy her profile. Amanda loves taking pictures with her dogs. Lots and lots of them.

Anne Hathaway @annehathaway

We fell in love with this American sweetheart in The Princess Diaries, The Devil Wears Prada and Les Miserables. This beauty loves sharing inspirational messages, celeb photobombs and amazing #TBT posts on Instagram.

Emilia Clarke @emilia_clarke

If you don’t know Game of Thrones and this mother of dragons, you have been living under a rock for several years. Although she rose to fame with her role in this hit series, Emilia started acting in movies. You could have seen her in romantic drama Me Before You, as well as in not at all romantic Terminator Genisys. She posts a lot of glamour shots with goofy captions, selfies with other celebs, but no spoilers. You have to wait a little bit longer to see what is new in Seven Kingdoms.

Viola Davis @violadavis

This Oscar winner shares inspirational messages, selfies, and pictures with famous friends.

Blake Lively @blakelively

She is glamorous, always looks fabulous on red carpet (even with the baby bump), and is married to Ryan Reynolds. Her Instagram profile can’t be boring at all. If you want to see Blake’s new outfits and pics with her hubby, follow her on this network.

Lena Headey @iamlenaheadey

She is also a star of Game of Thrones series. One of those we love to hate. But in real life, Lena is actually funny and goofy. If you don’t believe us, check out her Instagram.

Selena Gomez @selenagomez

When we are talking about most popular Instagram accounts, we cannot skip Selena, as she is the most popular person on this network. She has over 116 million followers. Her fans love to like her pictures and regularly comment them.

Sofia Vergara @sofiavergara

One of the hottest Instagram accounts belongs to Vergara. If you have seen any episodes of Modern Family, you know who Sofia is. This Colombian beauty is very active on Instagram where she regularly posts pictures of her outfits, behind the scenes moments, as well as pics of her gorgeous husband.

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