Follow These 3 Rules If You Want to Take a Perfect Profile Picture

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By now you have surely heard that you can meet a lot of single bikers on dating sites. However, you can’t just create your profile in under two minutes and start chatting. Keep in mind that people you are talking to cannot see you and that your profile is kind of the first impression you make. So, you want it to be a good one, right? If you are ready to join the online dating scene, let’s start with the basics. Here are some useful tips which will help you stand out from the crowd and receive a lot of messages.

Avoid Posting Group Photos

Okay, so which one are you? How are other users supposed to know how you look like when you post a group picture of you and five other friends hanging out? Cropping these photos is also not a good idea. You will just end up with a narrow pic and someone’s shoulder or an arm will still be showing. Therefore, if you don’t have a full-body photo of yourself ask your friend to take it. Also, try taking selfies from a good angle.

Don’t Use Filters

We all know that Instagram filters can turn a crappy photo into an amazing selfie. However, resist the urge to play with colors and shapes. Okay, maybe you won’t look as pretty as you wanted to, but at least your date won’t have unrealistic expectations. You also don’t want to use Snapchat filters. Do you have dog ears or whiskers in real life? How about sparkling eyes? I guess not, so don’t use these filters. I know, we all look super cute with them, but you want to look like you on your profile picture, not like your pet.

Say Cheese

Keep in mind that bikers are outgoing fellows who love to spend time with friendly people and have fun. Therefore, if you look like you hate the whole world on your picture, no one will contact you. So, show those pearly whites and make yourself seem more approachable. If they see that you are a fun-loving girl who loves to laugh and knows how to enjoy life, your inbox will be full in no time.

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