Moving On After A Failed Relationship In 3 Simple Steps

Dating past a certain point in life can be challenging in more ways than one, and breakups certainly don’t make things easier. Explaining to your friends and family you’re seeing new people makes for some awkward dinner conversations, and telling them things are over between and you and someone they’ve already met doesn’t get any easier as time goes on. We’d like to offer our two cents to all senior singles out there looking to make breakups a little easier.

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 #1: Get Back To Socializing

Whatever you do, don’t shut out your friends and family and spend days moping around the house like a teenager. Sure, you’ll need a little time to heal, but that doesn’t mean you should skip squash or a dinner with your co-workers. Distancing yourself from your social circle can lead to depression and loneliness, which is precisely why you need to fight the urge not to answer the phone when someone calls you. This isn’t to say you should step outside your comfort zone now, and go out and meet new people just so that your social calendar is full, but it does mean your inner circle gets your attention as usual.

#2: Stay Active

Going for a 5-mile walk every day or a 10-mile bike ride constitutes staying active for seniors. The point of the exercise isn’t just to stay healthy physically, but also to remain as positive emotionally and psychologically. Exercise will boost your happy hormone production, leaving you feeling fulfilled and overall satisfied with your life no matter what you’re going through at any given moment. Mature singles need to understand that there will always be others. It’s just a matter of finding the right ways to meet them, that’s all. Putting a relationship behind you isn’t anything but nurturing your spirit and your body until the next person comes along.

#3:  Get Back To Digital Dating

No matter what age group you belong to, there is no easier way to meet someone than via dating sites or apps. Senior dating sites can be found all over the web, and if you don’t have a favorite just yet, it’s time you got one. Update your profile to keep it fresh and inviting, and post new content on a weekly basis to keep your followers coming back to your page. Not only will this activity occupy your mind, but it will result in dates on a weekly basis until you come across someone you’d like to get to know better. Keep your head up, do all those things that give you joy every single day, and your positive energy is bound to attract another like-minded person in no time.

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