My Relationships Were All Failing Until I Discovered THIS!

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Sometimes, despite all odds and predictions, relationships seem to crumble for no apparent reason. While other people have no problem maintaining not only a relationship, but also a healthy amount of romance for quite a while, some of us see their romantic endeavors fail without warning. Unfortunately, I used to belong to the latter group. My story isn’t an ordinary one, but since it ends on a very positive note, I’ve decided to share it with other single, lonely, and desperate people so that maybe some of you can learn something from my experience and hopefully fix your relationship issues.

It all began when I started college – this is where I met my first serious girlfriend, the one I had a four-year relationship with. But in spite of the metaphorical birds chirping and flowers growing around us, our romance suddenly died and we realized that it wasn’t working anymore, so we broke up. Surely, this didn’t seem like a big problem back then. I was young and my whole life was ahead of me, so I moved on pretty quickly without letting the breakup phase me. It didn’t take long before I met my next love. We worked at the same place, both liked how the other one looked, and soon enough intense flirting had turned into a full-fledged relationship. It lasted a while – a year or so – but once again, what I thought was a solid connection fell to ruin and disappeared.

Needless to say, I was single again, but still I didn’t feel the need to give the newfound situation much significance. Years passed and I moved from one girlfriend to the next, with every relationship ending in the same way as the first one. Once I passed the 30-year mark, a realization hit me – I can’t maintain a serious relationship. At first I thought I was just imagining things, but the more I went over it in my head, the more sense it made. I fell for each and every girl I had based on her looks first, without ever paying much attention to her inner qualities. This, naturally, led me to a single conclusion: I don’t really know how to pick women aside from judging their appearance. I became pretty depressed at this point.

My whole love life revolved around chasing pretty girls instead of trying to get those smart, educated, and well-behaved ones. But just as I thought that all hope was lost, a friend of mine told me about online dating and how it changed the lives of many of our mutual friends. To be more specific, my buddy suggested Meet Amour, as most of his acquaintances which found luck through online dating actually used this site. Initially, I couldn’t decide whether this was a good or a bad idea. On one hand, it’s all virtual and people tend to lie on the internet, but on the other hand, I was pretty much out of options. After carefully considering all pros and cons, I decided to give it a try – and it was the best decision I have ever made. Soon after joining Meet Amour I came across a bunch of interesting people.

Some of them were looking for love, while others were simply in need of friendship. And now we’re getting to the best part: after only a week of being an active online dater I met a woman who really seemed like she could be the one. We exchanged a lot of messages, and I really got to know her without even meeting her in real life. This made her appearance not that important (even though she’s really hot, if we’re being honest here) and gave me a chance to see her inner beauty before getting to see her exterior. Long story short, we’re now engaged to be married, but more importantly, I’m happier than ever – all thanks to Meet Amour!

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