Taking A Cougar On A Date: 5 Ideas She Will Love

cougar dating

You have finally asked that sexy cougar out, and she said yes. Good for you! What you ought to do now is find a perfect date activity which will dazzle her and ensure your way into her life. We understand that cougar dating isn’t as easy as it may look like and that you are basically two different worlds, so we have prepared several ideas which could be a surefire way to conquer her heart.

Coffee date

This kind of date is a true classic. Given that everyone drinks coffee, she probably won’t mind getting to know you over a hot cup of java. On the other hand, coffee shops offer a pressure-free environment which is ideal for people who get nervous on the first date. Afterward, you can go separate ways or, if you have really clicked, you can suggest her the change of setting and go somewhere else.

Wining and dining

Keep in mind that cougars are old school, so romantic restaurant is always a good choice. This is a more pricey option indeed, but if you choose the right restaurant, you will be off to a good start. Wine will help loosen the initial tension, and during dinner, you will have the opportunity to show your class and good manners. One thing to keep in mind is that cougars like younger guys, yet they hate the ones that are acting overly immature. Therefore, make sure to impress her with your style and act like a real gentleman.


If you think that coffee and dinner dates are such a cliche, why don’t you organize a picnic? A local park is a perfect place for it. Just pack a picnic basket (home cooked meals will impress her more than store bought snacks!), a comfortable blanket which is large enough for the two of you, a couple of glasses, and a bottle of wine. Fresh air and the chirping of the birds will ease the tension and let you get to know each other in a safe and relaxing environment.

Concert or a play

If you want to show her that despite the fact that you are young, you are already a classy man, make sure to take her to a classical music concert, opera or a theater play. Nevertheless, make sure to ask her what she’s into musically and what kind of theater she enjoys. That way, you will be sure that she will enjoy your evening together.

Go antiquing

Cougars enjoy spending their money on beautiful things for their home. Antiquing is fun because you will have the opportunity to learn a bit about history and see some remarkable pieces of art and furniture.

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