Top 3 Reasons To Hate Snapchat

celebrity Snapchat names

If you’re looking for reasons to hate Snapchat, we’ve got plenty. From celebrity Snapchat names and other unoriginal features, to basically no ads thrown at you from every corner, and the fact that famous people love this app, which must mean they were paid hefty influencer fees to say that. Below, you’ll find these reasons described in more detail and hopefully see Snapchat for what it really is.

#1: It’s Unoriginal

If you think an app that comes with features never seen before on social media or features that most of its competitors are now trying to duplicate is unoriginal, you won’t like Snapchat at all. Chances are, you’ll hate funky celeb Snapchat names and think that dog ear, face distortion, and flower goddess crown filters are silly and belong on kids’ apps. If you can’t enjoy its “verified” stories by the most popular people on the planet or think that having an app with disappearing content is unoriginal, Snapchat won’t be to your liking, and it would be best for you to search for original content elsewhere.

#2: It’s Got Almost No Ads

Don’t you just hate it when you have an app that has virtually no ads that bug you all the time, trying to entice you to buy things you don’t even need? And to make matters worse, isn’t it annoying when the ads they do have are so cool you just want to play with them? Well, that’s Snapchat for you. If you happen to be a fan of aggressive advertising, Snapchat is definitely not the app for you because using it won’t lead to spending money on things you don’t need or didn’t even want in the first place.

#3: It’s Loved By Famous People

If you think famous people have no taste and wouldn’t know a good app if it hit them in the face, it’s not surprising you’re not a fan of Snapchat as it seems to be just another fad made popular by celebrities. It wouldn’t hurt to know famous people have little to no special treatment from the app creators, and apart from “verified” stories and emojis to identify them, their user experience is the same as everyone else’s. But hey, if you’re still skeptical, that’s fine. There are plenty of other apps out there that could be better suited for you.

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