Top 3 Tips To Get A Biker To Notice You

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No, you don’t have to invest in a new HD if you don’t want to. However, if you plan to meet local bikers, investing in some leather goods certainly wouldn’t hurt your chances of catching that cute biker’s eye. Below we present the top 3 tips that are super-easy to implement if you want your biker crush to notice you.

#1: Show Your Active Side

If you’re out in one of the biker clubs in your area, don’t hide or stand on the sidelines, expecting him to see you and make his move. Make your way to the bar to get a drink, chat with people sitting at a table other than yours, dance (pole dancing not necessary), laugh and move about. By doing this, you’ll show the onlookers you’re comfortable instead of terrified of drawing attention to yourself. He’ll notice you, which is definitely the first step to starting up a conversation. Smile when your eyes meet, letting him know you’d like to talk to him.

#2: Go Out Alone or With One or Two Friends

If you go out with a bunch of friends, you’re signaling you’re there to celebrate someone’s birthday or an engagement, wish a friend a farewell, or get drunk with girlfriends and dance the night away with no intention of meeting anyone new. Going out with guys is great if you want to have a shield around you all night long that nobody get can around. If, on the other hand, you go to a bar full of eligible biker men, it’s best to either go alone (very brave) or with one or two girlfriends at the most. Hold a drink in your hand, guys love it when girls are a little tipsy and with lowered inhibitions, and don’t forget to smile because biker or not, men find a beautiful smile irresistible.

#3: Work The Eye Contact

If you happen to make eye contact with your soon-to-be bike connection, tilt your head down a little bit because guys love it when you look up at them. It makes them feel uber manly. As you’re doing this, flash a couple of sultry glances his way – he won’t be able to resist it. If you’re too nervous, look at the tiny spot between his eyes and don’t worry because he won’t know the difference, and you’ll feel less intimidated. For newbies to motorcycle clubs, practice in front of a mirror or take sultry selfies to see what your face really looks like as you’re trying to work the eye contact.

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