Top 5 Guidelines For Dating A Cowgirl

Guidelines For Dating

It is a well known fact that a lot of women want to date cowboys. But did you know that a pretty large number of guys wants to go out with cowgirls? These women are strong, independent and aren’t afraid to take the bull by the horns. Cowboys and cowgirls are very similar. They are old-fashioned people who have been raised with great values. If you want to date a woman rancher, here are some dos and don’ts of cowgirl dating.

Don’t be threatened by her

Cowgirls need strong men who will be proud of them. These women are hard-working, self-sufficient and possess a unique skill set. If you are intimidated by them you definitely shouldn’t date them.

Take her out

Working on a ranch is a dirty job. She spends days covered in dirt, mud and some other things we won’t mention. This doesn’t mean that she doesn’t like to get dressed up and get wined and dined. When she has finished with her work, take her out somewhere nice. Pamper her and make her feel special. She deserves it.

Don’t belittle her

She can do any job as well as a man. Always keep that in mind. Don’t try to do her job just because you think you are stronger than her. She knows what she is doing, you don’t. You can only end up getting hurt.

Ranch comes first

In most cases ranch is a legacy. She and generations before her have probably worked very hard to keep it running. Keep in mind that her ranch will always come first. Respect that fact and help her when she needs it. Don’t be mad when she isn’t able to go on a weekend getaway with you because she has work to do. Animals don’t care if you have plans. If she cancels your plans because something came up, cut her some slack.

She is fearless

Cowgirls don’t take crap from anyone. She knows who she is and she is proud of it. If you want a strong and independent woman, this is the right choice. With a cowgirl you will always know where you stand. These girls don’t play games because they don’t have time for that. When she is upset, trust us, you will know.

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