Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Date A Cowboy

Why You Should Date

Almost every woman in this world is attracted to bad guys. Admit it, when a guy is nice and polite to you, you soon get bored. But when he is unavailable and treats you like crap, you run after him and make a fool out of yourself. If you are tired of getting your heart always broken read this list and find out why you should date a cowboy or some other nice fellow.

Days of playing games are over

Do you always bang your head trying to figure out what your partner wants? Well, that is a great part of being with your cowboy match. These guys always speak their mind and they hate games. If he is into you, you will know. If he is not, he will politely reject you. Either way, you will know whether or not you are on the same page.

He will do as he says

Many guys say that they will call you and you spend next two weeks staring at your phone which never rings. Nice guys such as cowboy singles value you and your time. If they have promised something, they will keep their promise. When you are in a relationship with a great guy, your brain goes on some kind of vacation. Every minute of your relationship you know where you stand o you don’t have to stress about it.

He will make you breakfast

When you are dating a cowboy, you can rest assure that your new lover can cook. When you spend a night at his place, he will make you a breakfast and maybe even bring it to you in bed. Bad boys usually disappear after sex, there is no time for sleeping let alone breakfast.

He will respect your opinion

He won’t be one of those guys who order dinner for you or answer questions instead of you. He won’t plan dates without taking into consideration your likes and dislikes. Nice guy values your opinion, even if it is not similar to his. He knows that a relationship is about compromise.

He’ll do nice things for you without any agenda

He will just want to make you feel good and make you smile. Nice guys, unlike bad boys, buy flowers and candy for their girlfriends. They want to let them know that they are special. If you find a real nice guy who loves you for who you are, don’t take him for granted. These guys are rare, so cherish your man.

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