Are You In A Toxic Relationship? Here Are 4 Ways To Figure It Out

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You can meet a lot of guys via dating sites for bikers but how can you be sure that you are dating the right one for you? Unfortunately, many people get caught in toxic relationships without even realizing it. All those signs on the wall just fly under the radar when you are in love, making you completely clueless. On the other hand, every relationship has its level of toxicity and the one without it simply doesn’t exist. But there is a huge difference between ‘You can work on it’ and ‘Run for the hills’. Would you be better off if you moved on? Read these signs and find out whether you are investing yourself in something that is bad for you.

He is not taking responsibility for his actions

He never puts his socks in the hamper, but every time you politely ask him to do so, you end up fighting (how can you not know that he is too tired and stressed out to pick up after himself). If he starts blaming you for his mistakes and making you feel bad even though you did everything right, maybe it is time to reconsider dating other single bikers.

You are neglecting yourself

There is no need to examine his behavior in order to figure out whether you are in a toxic relationship. You can also pay attention to your behavior patterns. Therefore, if you notice that you have started neglecting your looks and obligations in favor of his schedule, your relationship is turning toxic.

He doesn’t fight back

You keep trying to tell him what bothers you, but instead of responding to your arguments, he just looks or walks away, or simply tells you that he doesn’t want to talk about it. It is not a problem if it happens once or twice, but if he is constantly avoiding to resolve your issues, you have a huge problem on your hands. Partners should be invested in each other’s happiness and should communicate effectively in healthy relationships.

He is always criticizing you

Yes, you should be with someone who challenges you to be a better version of yourself. However, is your partner telling you how you should improve some things, or is just pointing out that you are doing them wrong? There is a huge difference between advising and criticizing, so keep your eyes open.

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