TRANSSEXUAL DATING: 4 Best First Date Ideas For Trans Couples [INFOGRAPHIC]

4 Best First Date Ideas

Going on a first date with your trans crush? We would love to help! Read on to find out where you can take your trans date and knock their sock off!

4 Best First Date Ideas For Trans Couples

If you’re in a trans couple you’re luckier than most people from the transgender community. Many of them find it difficult to adjust once they change genders, and the people around them usually don’t make things any easier.

According to the active members of this community, became mainstream about four or five years ago when trans people got more coverage in the media and a stronger online presence.

Although going mainstream certainly increased acceptance of trans people and reduced discrimination to a certain degree, there are still serious challenges, such as isolation and depression, that trans people have to overcome on a regular basis.

But it you’re one of the lucky ones to have found your transgender date, we’d like to help you make a decision as to where to take them out for the very first time.

Tip #1: Dinner and a Movie

Given that it’s awards season, dinner and a movie is not that ordinary as you might think. Picking the right movie to see at this time can be part of the fun or you can even go a step further and make your first date a week-long movie week where you’ll go see a different Oscar contender every night. We hear Manchester by the Sea is awesome!

Tip #2: Stroll around the Park

Weather permitting, you can take your date out for a stroll in the park. This is a very romantic idea because you can bring some snacks and have a picnic out in the open. You’ll have enough privacy to talk and get to know each other better, and given that you’re in a public place most people will not even notice you, if that’s your concern. They’ll mind their own business and you’ll enjoy a beautifully spent evening with someone you like and who likes you back.

Tip #3: Riding Bikes

If you’re both athletic, riding your bikes together on your first date can be extremely cute. Pick a trail that is not too busy so you can ride next to each and talk. The idea is to get to know each other better, but you don’t have to do it over wine or steaks. You can choose any sporting activity you both like and burn some calories while you’re at it. A physical activity will give you a natural high and make the date that much more enjoyable.

Tip #4: Street Fairs and Food Festivals

Being surrounded by other random people can take the pressure off and make you more relaxed. Visiting a street fair or a food festival will help you bond over something you both like (provided you fancy what is being exhibited), and you’ll have plenty of things to comment on and chat about that running out of things to say shouldn’t be an issue. Grab some food as you walk around so you can prepare dinner later (or breakfast) if you think the date’s going well enough, and just enjoy being outdoors in great company.


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