Wanna meet cougars? You’re at the right place!

Wanna meet cougars?

Are you fantasizing about sleeping with a cougar, but are too afraid to approach them the old fashioned way? Learn how to overcome your fears and become a true cougar magnet!
Ever wondered why so many men fall for good looking mothers? It’s because they combine the things most men want from women. They are caring mothers, passionate lovers and devoted partners. But not all men have the right skills needed to meet a cougar and win their hearts.

Where to look for cougars?

Obviously, there are lots of single cougars out there. But if you don’t want to waste your time finding and approaching them the old fashioned way, your best bet to score a cougar date is to join some of cougar dating sites. You will soon find out that all it takes to find numerous single cougars in your area is a couple of clicks. So browse through the user base and see if there are some you may like.

How to make your first move

Cougars like men who know their way with words. So don’t hesitate to talk and share your interests and tastes with them. Also, throw in a couple of jokes. And some compliments as well. And pretty soon you will see how easy it is to get them going and make them interested in you.

How to set up a first date

Cougars usually aren’t picky, but they do expect to be treated well. So for a first date, you should choose a nice coffee shop or a restaurant. Once you two meet up and get over the formalities, break the ice by complimenting something about her. Whether it be her hair, her style, her looks. It doesn’t matter. Just let her know that you like her. Also feel free to share with her your interests and plans for the future. Show her that you are a real men who takes care of himself and knows what he wants in life.

The second date

If all went well on your first date, she will ask you when she will see you again. But don’t get hyped and start to rush things. Wait for a day or two and then contact her again. This time suggest taking the date to your or her place. This way you two can be more intimate with each other.

The start of a relationship

By this time you will have probably found out that cougars can be quite emotional and passionate. But they don’t let anyone near their heart. If you want to build a long-term relationship with your cougar date, you need to know when to shower her with love and when to give her some time and space. She probably has a lot of stuff to worry about, so the last thing she needs is another problem to look over. Remember, cougar dating is all about honesty, devotion and responsibility. And when you show your cougar date that you are the one she can always rely on, she will show you just how caring, passionate and devoted she can be.

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